About Me

I am a 58 year old business woman always looking for money making opportunities.  I live in the UK and I am very happily married with an English gentleman. I have 2 lovely identical twin daughters and have 4 step children.

christine clayfieldI have been a full time internet marketer for over 8 years. When I first started online, I was confused and on the verge of giving up as I didn’t make a penny for the first year. I was determined to make $25!! When I made my first sale, after one year of trying, I knew I finally understood how it all worked and I knew I could duplicate it.

I am living proof that ANYONE who wants to put in the work, can make money and become a success, if you have enough determination and desire to succeed.


Everything I do, I do for my husband and my children. Here is a picture of me and my daughters (many years ago) and of my husband, with his “flash drum kit. He is a professional drummer and band manager of:



  • I am not a computer geek
  • I am not a computer programmer
  • I am not an IT consultant
  • I am not a computer science diploma holder
  • I am not a super duper clever person (I never did well at school)

I started with NO experience, NO support, NO training, NO special skills but figured it all out on my own and ultimately started to make money online.

But this is what I am:

  • I am a hard worker
  • I can read, analyse and learn quickly
  • I am eager to earn money
  • I have a computer and I can copy and paste
  • I have determination
  • I believe in what I want to achieve
  • I have a business mind and I can spot money-making possibilities
  • I will not give up until I have reached my goal

If you are a person with the same thinking, you are on your way to earning money online.

I strongly believe in this tip, whatever business you are in: always learn from people who have proven that they know what they are talking about. Ask yourself: “Did they prove that they know their stuff?” or “How much money has he/she earned?”

I enjoy writing so I share my knowledge in books. You can see a list of my books and my other products here


The photo’s of the fancy house, helicopter and private jet are NOT mine, all the other ones are.

Sure I could pretend that they are all my properties, just like the internet marketing guru’s like to show you their fancy houses and private jets.  I just want to show you how easy it is to buy pictures of flash houses and put them on a website. You can’t afford to buy a private jet with the automated systems that some internet guru’s sell as the automated systems simply never work.

My family and I can now enjoy luxury things in life. Once you are earning a nice income online, you too will be able to afford luxury.

I am only showing you these pictures to prove to you that I can indeed buy things that a lot of people can’t, through the power of Internet margeting and automated income, created online. The best thing: YOU can achieve this too, through shear hard word.

Here is a picture of the drive way to my house which is under 24 hour camera surveillance.

Some pictures of my husband’s music recording studio:

Picture of all the internet marketing books that I have read :

From Newbie To Millionaire will teach you step by step how to make money online.

You want to go the easy way and buy automated-get-rich-quick-scam-schemes and achieve nothing or do you wanna be like me : choose the hard way and actually achieve something, like banking $1,800,000 in 12 months ? It is your choice.

A cork board in my office with one-liners that I strongly believe in :